About ITSec.im

ITSec.im was founded by a passionate IT Professional who firmly believes that IT Security is an overlooked factor in today's global market. You don't have to look far to see news stories about firms having their networks, websites and applications hacked and losing customer details, bank details, passwords. This should not be treated as acceptable. Too many large firms are paying too little mind to a proper security setup, and are now paying the price.
Our consultants are qualified IT Security Professionals, all with a passion for keeping private data just that. Private.

Our Services

  • Network Penetration Testing

    We will test your IT Network against both internal and external threats. We can find the weaknesses in your network security which could lead to unauthorized access of files or resources. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a thorough test of a network will find the weak links so that they can be secured.

  • Application Security Testing

    If the applications running on your network accessible machines have vulnerabilities or security flaws, these can be exploited to gain access to the machine they run on. Our testing will reveal these vulnerabilities so that you may address them.

  • Website Testing

    There are few things as bad for business as when your site starts distributing malware, or is hacked and displays obscene messages. Customers lose faith, and businesses lose money. We can test your sites before the bad guys do.

Why Use Us?

We are commited to your ongoing security, for you and your customers.

We understand that ongoing security testing is a big commitment, and can often feel distanced and disconnected from your business. When you sign on for our services, we're here to support you. If you need help with security issues in the future, you can contact us. If you require re-testing for any vulnerabilities, we can provide that service. We aim to keep you secure, permanently.

Contact Us

For a quote or just an informal chat about what we can do for you, please e-mail info@itsec.im